Jeffrey Friedl's Lightroom plugin not working

I've used this plugin for years, and today it won't upload, giving me an error "unexpected reply from Zenfolio". I found numerous forums referring to upload issues in the past, but nothing lately. I have Lightroom and the plugin updated and a few images uploaded before it started doing this. I have contacted Jeffery, but from what I'm reading, this is a ZENFOLIO problem.

If you can't fix this issue I will have to switch to another service. If I can't get my photos to Zenfolio, there is no point. I've been a long time customer, but from what I see you have serious ongoing issues with this plugin. If you're not going to put the effort into creating your own plugin to connect with the most popular image management program on the planet, you need to at least make sure your service works with the one and only plugin available that you yourself refer people to.


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue with Jeffrey's Plugin. I tested it just now but I am able to export photos to Zenfolio using the plug in without any issues.

    So in this case, please contact Jeffrey and let him know that you're experiencing an issue with his plugin.

    You can find his support page for the Lightroom plugin here.

    I do just want to note that even if the issue is due to something in Zenfolio's end, we do still need to work with the plugin's creator to resolve the issue. So by contacting Jeffrey, he will be able to troubleshoot the issue. And if it does require some changes on our end, he will be able to work with our engineers to resolve the issue.
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