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So I have my main website page which is That page is great but heavily branded towards weddings. Is it possible to do a duplicate main page at say that is setup to show off my corporate photography; headshots, product photography, etc. The idea would be that I could dive my potential corporate customers a direct link to something setup to showcase that specific work. Sorry if this is a basic question, trying to learn all the finer points zenfolio.


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Something you can try is to create a new group in your account just for corporate photography.

    You can then store all galleries related to corporate photography in that group.

    See this link for more details on groups -

    You can give that group the Friendly URL of

    See this link for how to give a group a friendly url -
  • Definitely want landing pages. The way photography as a business is going, most of us have a multiple lines of business and we need to direct leads to an appropriate landing page. Home page is just a place holder. Nobody spends much time looking through busy or slow long winded home pages. We need a landing page for each business line, with appropriate SEO and capacity to qualify leads and supply focused messaging and info. We have to make it very easy for potential clients or photo purchasers to find what they are looking for. Seriously guys, landing pages are not new. Indeed, Zenfolio templates seem to be from the world of film ie years ago. Catch up, please.
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