How do I add "click here to read more?"

I recently looked at another Zenfolio user's blog, and her posts show a photo and a short paragraph or two then "click here to read more." So you can scroll down and see many of her recent posts.
On MY blog it shows an entire post (many paragraphs & many pics) that you have to scroll down and down through to get to the blog post before it.

How do I add that "click here for more?"

Thank you!

Waterville, Ireland

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  • Thanks for that. Sorry I didn't "accept" itvearlier! Another question can I do a Zenfolio site that opens right into the blig page? I'm getting ready to temporarily run another website for six months and I think a blog would be best. Would rather do Zen so I don't have to learn WordPress.
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 160
    @Today In Ireland - You can definitely do this!

    From your Dashboard, go to Settings > Website > Home Page.

    Choose the "Zenfolio Blog" option and save.

    Hope this helps!
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