Help! Utterly confused by Price Lists & Products

Hi all,

I am just in the process of setting up my price lists / products, and I am utterly confused as to how this is meant to work.

What I thought I would be able to do is set up a list so that certain products would be available for specific regions / currencies so that people local to those regions would be able to avoid huge shipping costs and import charges etc.

What I mean by that is this -

I create a product list by selecting Zenfolio Europe. This will cover all orders to be produced in the UK/Europe and those areas, and I can set up the currencies GBP/EU.

I then add products Zenfolio US to cover orders going to the US and set the currency to USD.

Then at the Checkout stage I thought my customers would be able to check 'Shipping to EU' (as example), and the product list would only show the products I had made available through Zenfolio Europe.

Then if customers in the US clicked 'Shipping to the US', the product list would show only the products I had made available via Zenfolio US.

Despite only selecting specific products through specific vendors, when I go to the checkout it seems all products (including ones I didn't even tick to include) are available to all customers anywhere in world.


How do I set it up so that if the customer clicks "Shipping to UK/EU" only the products I selected to appear, appear in either GBP/Euro, and again so that if a customer clicks "Shipping to the US" only those products appear?

I hope that makes sense.

Also, the other problem I am having is that not all vendors appear in the All Vendors list. As example: Pikto doesn't appear for me to define a product in CAD.

If anyone can help it would be appreciated, as right now I am completely bewildered and I have absolutely no idea if what I want to do is even possible. This is the most confusing/convoluted product set-up I have ever seen!



  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 216
    Hey Andy!

    When a photographer sells globally, the client's IP address determines which products are shown to them. All US customers will be presented with Zenfolio US options, and all UK/EU clients will see the Zenfolio Europe products.

    Regarding your other question about seeing all of the products available, do you mind shooting over a quick message to our support team here? We will likely need to look at the specific price list and gallery to see what's going on.

    Also, have you added and saved the Canadian currency to your price list? Then, make sure you toggle between the US currency and the Canadian Currency. Once you click the Canadian Currency, you can choose the "Add Products" button and Pikto shouldbe display as a vendor.

  • Andrew HughesAndrew Hughes Member Posts: 3
    Thanks... I think I got it in the end. I didn't realise I had to mess with the currency/location combo to get things to work! I also didn't know that products only showed up based on IP address... as I could see everything as the admin, I was confused as hell!
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