Can Someone at Zenfolio Tell Me Why I Use You When Customers Say This?

Here's what my customers are telling me about YOUR website:

"Is there any chance you can send all of the images via we transfer? I am trying to download them from your link but taking me ages!"

This customer is accessing a gallery of 198Mbs. I tried it myself just to see what my experience was and, sure enough, it was also telling me that it would take an hour!!!! I can download 25Mb apps to my phone in under 10 seconds and yet your site, supposedly designed for large format photos wants to take an hour to download 198Mbs!!!

What the hell is going on there?


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Sorry to hear that you and your client are experiencing an issue with downloading from your site.

    So we can troubleshoot the issue with you, please contact Zenfolio support through this page.
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