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PixstelPixstel Member Posts: 40
This may not technically be a problem, but it is for me and visitors to Zenfolio sites.

Why can we not browse the results of a search? If I find 20 pictures of X then the most obvious thing I would want to do is browse that result, or perhaps view it as a slide show. But if I try to do that, I find myself browsing the parent gallery of the image I have selected. Other pics in that gallery may have no relationship to my search result.

This is a problem because a) it is completely un-intuitive and potentially very confusing for visitors b) it makes the site owner look incompetent.

There is no point in being able to use keywords and have multiple galleries or collections - possibly with images in multiple collections - if the search result ignores that structure


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    The built in search page is used only for finding searchable images in the photographer's site.

    Unfortunately, there are no additional features included that allow the visitor to instantly view the images in the results in a single collection. The closest that they could come to that would be to visit each image and add the image to a Favorites list. They can then view all of the images in the Favorites list.

    But we are always looking to improve our services and so if providing options for how search results are displayed is important to you, I recommend posting your ideas in our uservoice forum.

    That way, other Zenfolio users can vote on your ideas and help bring your requests to our developers' attention.
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