Email Signatures

How do I customise the signature block for emails? I can only see the Sincerely followed by my company name. Not very informative or professional.


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    While it is not possible to customize the signature block of every email sent from your account, you can customize the signature that appears in your Gallery Invite Emails and emails sent from your Email Communications page.

    That is done by editing the custom email template used for gallery invites and customizing the text used in the signature of the email.

    For the emails sent from your Email Communications page, create a new general use email template and add the desired text that you would like in your signature to that template.

    In both cases, you can choose that template when you create a new email and the signature in that template will automatically appear in body of the email.

    Click here for more information on email templates.
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