Paypal Payout Questions

Hi all,

I am a little confused by the payout process and I was hoping someone could help me:

I have selected the option to be paid via PayPal and my question is: as I am based in the UK, will I receive payments to my account in GBP, or do I need to set-up PayPal to receive multiple currencies?

Is it possible to get Zenfolio to convert all payments to one currency and pay you in that currency if it doesn't automatically happen?

Also, do Zenfolio make payments from within the UK, or from the US? I am asking as this will affect the charges I have to pay to PayPal and subsequently how I price my prints etc.



  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    When requesting a payout, the funds will be sent to you in the same currency that was used when the order was placed by the client.

    So for example, if you sold a Digital Download product to a client in the UK and they paid using GBP, then the funds from the sale will be sent to you as GBP when you request a payout for those funds.

    If you offered products for sale in USD and a client places an order for those products in that currency, then the funds from the sale will be in USD and it will be sent to you as USD when you request a payout for those funds.

    Unfortunately, there are no options available for converting those funds for you. You may want to see if PayPal allows you to convert the currency after the payout is sent to your PayPal account.

    The payouts will be sent to your PayPal account from a US based PayPal account.

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