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customers no longer able to save images

I have not made any changes to settings on my site, but in the past two days, I've had several people tell me they are no longer able to download their photos. They could do it before, but can't now. They can access their folders, but the option to download is not there. While on the topic, can't you come up with a more direct way for people to save photos? I'm often dealing with people who are not technically proficient, and I end up having to try to talk them through loading a page, copying and pasting URLs in a browser, etc. The only way I can make it any easier for them is to allow them to download the full size, unwatermarked images which I don't really want to do. But I simply cant go to everyone's house and show them how to do this. It is not remotely intuitive, especially for people trying to do this stuff through a phone. Simple buttons, download size A, size B, etc. Why is that not possible?


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    You can allow clients to download lower resolution watermarked versions of your images.

    So that we can provide instruction for how you can allow this, please contact Zenfolio support.

    Send us a link to at least one gallery where you would like to allow this downloading. We can take a look at the gallery and provide instructions for how to allow the downloading of display images based on that gallery's customization settings.
  • I know how to do it, if you read what I wrote, the problem is explaining to CUSTOMERS how to do it. The way to save lower resolution images is needlessly complex and frustrating for people who barely know how to answer their own phones, and that's often what I'm dealing with. I can't go personally to everyone's house to give them a step by step.
    Did you actually read what I wrote here? I know how to do this, the galleries are all set up so files can be downloaded, the problem is that starting yesterday, it no longer works. This has to be a site issue, it's not because I need instructions.
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Sorry for any confusion, Joe.

    Based on the previous post, I was under the impression that visitors can access their folders but the option to download is not there.

    Also, I see that is is mentioned in this newer post that, starting yesterday, the downloading no longer works.

    We would like to see why the downloading no longer works and why the option to download is not there. We can see that by taking a look at a gallery where this is happening. That is why a link to such a gallery was requested.

    I do apologize for getting that wrong and misunderstanding the post.

    In any case, we have a guide that can show your visitors how to download display images from the site. Feel free to send this to your visitors to provide them with instructions for how to download.

    Alternatively, feel free to copy instructions from that guide and the screenshots (or use your own from your site) in a custom page in your site. You can then add a link to your site menu that goes to that custom page providing your visitors with download instructions.

    Here's the link to the guide -
  • PixstelPixstel Member Posts: 40
    Web design has been a major part of my career since 1995. One of the first things I learned is that any web based service that requires instructions for the end user is an automatic fail.
  • ok, so now I'M confused. I'm reading the instructions you say to send to customers and none of it seems to apply to my page. None of those links appear on my page. Apparently, I'm supposed to have something called Quick Shop. So, I just looked into that, and it says to enable quick shop, click a link on the dashboard page, but there is no link. So, I do not have quick shop enabled, or if I do, none of the links that are supposed to appear on customer's pages are appearing. And of course, none of this has anything to do with why all of these people (and there are more reporting it now) were able to download photos with no problem until a week ago.
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    The Quick Shop page is the page displayed when an image is clicked in the gallery thumbnails page. Also a price list will need to be assigned to the gallery.

    The Quick Shop is enabled automatically once a price list is assigned to the gallery.

    Click here to get an idea of what the Quick Shop page looks like.

    In case it is needed, see this link for how to assign a price list to the gallery.

    If you're still not sure how to enable downloading from your gallery, please contact Zenfolio support through this page -

    Send us a link to one of your galleries where you would like to allow the downloading to occur. We can take a look at that specific gallery and provide instructions for how to allow downloading from that gallery.
  • This problem still has not been addressed. Please don't tell me to find "instructions" on how to download photos. The download link is there, it is NOT WORKING! I have a growing list of customers who are getting very pissed off because they are unable to save their photos. They USED TO be able to, but now they can't. Obviously something is wrong. Downloading is enabled, saving photos is enabled, but they are not able to save the photos. I cannot keep making excuses for this, either it gets fixed or I have to find a new service.
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 219
    Hey Joe,

    Can you please contact our support team with specific gallery links so they can take a look?

    You can send them a message here
  • I have now tried sending a message to the support link you gave several times. I get an error message from that too. And the detailed message I wrote just vanishes when the message doesn't go through, so I have to rewrite it every time. I am so frustrated by this I'm ready to scream. PLEASE FIX THIS!! Now no one can download their photos, and they are all coming to me insisting that I e-mail them dozens of their pictures!!
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 219
    So sorry about that, Joe!

    I have sent you an email so you have a direct point of contact to our support team.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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