Stop downloads of my videos

I have disabled downloading of videos on my website but visitors can still download them by clicking on the download arrow bottom right of the video .How can I disable all downloading of my videos please ?


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    This guide covers how to allow the downloading of videos. To disable the downloading, follow the steps in the guide but this time, uncheck the boxes for 'Videos: Make largest allowed sizes downloadable' and 'Videos: Show Download Link'.

    If you're still not able to hide the video download option, contact Zenfolio support and let us know. Make sure to include the link to the gallery where the video can be downloaded.
  • Gem-PhotographyGem-Photography Member Posts: 2
    Thanks , I have gone through the guide but the option to download is still available so I have contacted support .
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