The New Shopping Experience is Atrocious

furiousfotogfuriousfotog North AlabamaMember Posts: 4
The new experience that rolled out has severely cut into the user experience. While I still order prints for my events on the backend, the front-end client experience is glitchy. There are "expensive" options that show up first in the preview list, the "See All Products" button is so light that it looks disabled, and upon clicking in Chrome the site takes forever to load, if it does at all. I am waiting now 15 minutes for one test to pop up. Then, when it does, the buttons do nothing and I am stuck on the preview screen.

This drives users AWAY. I just upgraded my account as well... this is a major step backwards considering the vast majority of internet users want FAST and EASY in as few clicks as possible.

Thanks for helping lose business.


  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 126
    Thanks for your feedback. I can help with your concerns!

    The products that are featured on the Quick Shop can be edited by going to Selling > Price Lists > choose your price list. Then, click "Price List Settings."

    In the next page, scroll down until you see the Quick Shop Products List. Under "Products in the Price List," click to highlight a product you would like to add. You may select more than one at a time.

    See this link for more info on how to edit the products that appear in Quick Shop.

    You can also change the "See All Products" text color by editing your theme. From your Dashboard, go to MyZenfolio > Customize Website. Click THEMES at the top of the page. Choose "Edit" on your current highlighted theme. In the Style Tab, find the selected element "Links." You can then change the color of the Normal Text. Click DONE to save.

    Regarding slowness of the New Shopping Experience, can you shoot our support team a quick email so they can take a look at what's going on? You can contact our support team here.
  • Ivan MorozovIvan Morozov Member Posts: 20
    Please, kill this damn "new shopping experience"... PLEASE!!!! You are destroying our businesses, and yourself as a result, with this idiotic Quick Shop thing.
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