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"New Shopping Experience" Sucks for Visitors

In "lightbox" mode thumbnails obscure the bottom of the image.

If you want to order more than one copy of a print you have to click the "+" button multiple times, there is no place to select quantity unless you go to the shopping cart - confusing.

Maybe worst of all, if you click "back to gallery" it dumps you back at the top of the gallery even if you were on a photo somewhere in the middle or at the end. So you're stuck scrolling back down through all the photos to try to find the place you left off.

I'm sure there are many more things to hate, these are just my first impressions. At least I have a month before my contract is up to find a new proofing service.


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Your clients can order multiple of a print by setting their desired quantity in the products details page.

    You can see the quantity drop down menu marked with a number 7 in this example screenshot.

    Your clients can get to that page by going to the Shop page by clicking on See All Products under the list of products in the Quick Shop page.

    If you like, you can disable purchasing from the Quick Shop and only allow buying from the Shop page. Click here to see how to set your preference.

    Also our developers are working on adding new options to the Quick Shop page that will provide some control over the thumbnails displayed across the bottom.

    And thank you for your feedback. I've passed them along to our developers.
  • Rob SRob S Member Posts: 10

    May I suggest two more option buttons....

    Button 1. Opt out of the dreadful "New Shopping Experience".
    Button 2. Sack the developers and find ones that have a clue.

    ^ Agree 100% with what he said.
  • This "New Shopping Experience" really does suck! I had to put up two galleries for someone that intends to buy prints: one that they can navigate (using thumbnails and pages) and one that they can use to order prints and books. I have now turned off purchasing for any new galleries, because it screws up the navigation, so instead of more buying, its NO buying. Thanks Zen! I would move everything over to Photoshelter if it wasn't such a hassle.
  • Rob SRob S Member Posts: 10
    Frank, there are some hands-off systems for migrating to other providers. I think one is "uploadjunction" and also there's a firefox plugin. Can migrate to photoshelter or smugmug, and a few others. Those two seem the best option presently.

    I think safest choice for now might be to sub with one of those, start putting new stuff on there and if by the time your renewal with zenfolio is due and they haven't fixed it, migrate everything and cancel. This is what I am thinking of doing. The long overlap would be annoying, but I think the increased sales of having a proper working system at smugmug or photoshelter would more than make up for it vs the lost revenue at zen. It's absolutely nuts nobody who is driving this thing seems to have any sense.
  • Tim KamppinenTim Kamppinen Member Posts: 49
    Finally leaving Zenfolio for my proofing galleries and I'm thrilled about it. Switching to Instaproofs. I've already delivered one engagement session via Instaproofs and just got my first order from it tonight, which I attribute to the excellent shopping cart interface, automatic expiring discounts, and automated email marketing.

    I'm downgrading my Zenfolio account to the starter plan for now at $7/month, just to use as an offsite backup of delivered client files, but if I find a better option for that I'll be gone completely.
  • I'm downgrading my Zenfolio account to the starter plan for now at $7/month, just to use as an offsite backup of delivered client files, but if I find a better option for that I'll be gone completely.

    I did the same, £5 a month seemed pretty good for unlimited back up. I have clients who use it to download hi-res files and I invoice them for licensing so no need for a premium plan.

  • AirshotzAirshotz Member Posts: 2
    As far as I can see on my mobile site after someone has added one item to the cart the only option is to view cart. and after that the only option is to checkout. What a ridiculous set up. I don't know of any other website that is designed like that. Normally you add an item to the cart and immediately there's an option to continue shopping or view cart. So they can't go back to order anything else they have to checkout. My sales have dropped a massive 40 percent since the new shopping experience. I'm off to Smugmug or getting my Wordpress website up and running. I cannot believe what a mess this has caused in my business. Shari Warren who is an expert at customising Zenfolio webites has told me she's is hearing from a lot of Zenfolio customers about this situation and she can't do anything about it. Also, on the desktop version of my site once you've added an item to the cart you can go back to gallery but this sends you to one image within the gallery and you then have to scroll through the remaining photos to find another one to buy. Not good when you have a gallery for 400 to 500 photos and you're trying to find another one or two images in the remaining ones. What a nightmare.
  • Weddings By TwoWeddings By Two Member Posts: 1
    I agree with everyone above. The changes are terrible and awful for our business. We will be leaving Zenfolio if changes can't be made quickly.
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 1
    I really hate these changes. I'm not selling photos, just sharing them. Tried to customize the site to eliminate the new aggressive-selling look. But couldn't figure it out and gave up. So, many thanks to Frank for the tip of just turning off the ability of visitors to purchase prints, and that seems to revert it back to the old classic look.

    Too bad in that I used to tell visitors that Millers did a great job on prints, but that I didn't care where they printed because I'm not getting any cut. Most people seem just prefer to download and print locally or thru shutterly. I just don't want the site to look like I'm selling when I'm just sharing. Never had anything but raves about the Miller prints, but I'm not going to push them on people.

    I assume Zenfolio will fix this before I give up and have to move.
  • PixstelPixstel Member Posts: 40
    I've just noticed that a change has been made to how the photos are displayed with the new shopping experience - the iritating caption overlay has been replaced by an unintrusive title and caption beneath the pic. Big improvement IMHO. Thank you Zen.

    However, it would be nice if we could be informed of such changes before they are applied! Have you added any customisation options for this? Backgrounds? Has anything else been changed? Zen needs to understand that changes to the site may have an impact on how we prepare our images (eg. what info we choose to use in our titles and captions) - arbitrary changes without warning are not conducive to good customer relations.

    So high marks for listening to one element of our complaints, but marks deducted for method of execution. I'm left feeling I have no control over the look and feel of my site - one of the features that attracted me to Zenfolio in the first place. Now I'm wondering what I'll wake up to tomorrow - floral borders?
  • This is exactly why I recently asked about a site change log. There isn't one other than the far too vague and incomplete blog posts.

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