Web links not working on "Shop" page after selection in OSX Sierra

A customer using OSX Sierra made me aware of this one - I am still using OSX El Capitan where it appears to work fine. The problem is that after selection one of more photos and then pressing "Buy products for selected photos" the only link that works on the subsequent Shop page is the one to take you back to the gallery. Nothing else works!


  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 224
    Hey there!

    I believe this is a different issue entirely. Oddly enough, it sounds like it may related to Google Analytics.

    Can you go to Settings > Website > Visitor tracking?

    If it says "Enabled, needs upgrade" then you will need click on the text "Google Analytics"

    Copy the current analytics code. Then, temporarily disable Google Analytics > SAVE. Finally, re-enable Google Analytics and paste in the code you just copied > SAVE.

    This should fix the unresponsiveness. I hope this helps!!
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