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What do you think of the new shopping experience?



  • Jeff SmithJeff Smith Sugarcreek Township, OH 45370Member Posts: 8
    I hate the new shopping experience - get rid of it or make it optional
    Zenfolio stated they were working to make the mandatory shopping cart optional months ago. I feel the option should have been part of the shopping cart roll out. It puzzles me that so many Zenfolio customers express their displeasure with the feature and yet the company ignores their request. Its certainly an interesting business model....

    Jeff Smith
  • langlaislanglais Member Posts: 53
    I like the new shopping experience - definite improvement.
    Hi there,

    Don't know whether it's the right place to mention it, but there are a few things driving me nuts with this new shopping experience

    In particular, the fact that most of my images titles get truncated on tablet, mobile or even desktop if the screen width is too small (one of my screens is vertical, which is not only great for retouching portraits, it's also much better for scrolling and reading text in general...)

    Here is a screenshot showing that (please note i'm doing landscape photography and py clients buy my prints because they actually KNOW the places on the pictures, hence the need to give a detailled title)


    website :
    titre de la photo tronqué sur tablette et mobile.jpg
    767 x 896 - 98K
  • I hate the new shopping experience - get rid of it or make it optional
    I've had my first experience of the new shopping platform today. It's a complete and utter shambles, with the prices defaulting to framing options I don't want. Genuinely awful. I wish I'd never renewed.
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