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Mobile site not working properly - need a solution quickly

AirshotzAirshotz Member Posts: 2
When I try to order an image on my mobile site there is a red cart on each thumbnail. You click on that and you can either BUY or VIEW CART. You click on BUY and choose from the list what you want to buy eg digital download. Then a pop up now is visble with SHARE VIEW FAVORITES and VIEW CART. Why not CONTINUE SHOPPING VIEW CART? It seems you can only VIEW CART to proceed and then once you've clicked on VIEW CART there is only the option to PROCEED TO CHECKOUT at the bottom of the screen. There is no obvious way to get back to the gallery where you chose your first image - I'm getting a lot of single orders of a download and my total income has dropped significantly over the last 4 weeks. Is this the new shopping experience causing problems on my mobile site?

Is it just me or are others having problems lately?


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