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Hi: I am new to Zenfolio.

I would like to offer editorial images for sale. For news purposes. These would include images of people, famous and not famous, and copyrighted stuff like a business facade with business name, etc.... Does anyone know if stating somewhere "May only be used for editorial purposes" is enough legally to sell these images to anyone online or what? I know this is a legal question but I thought I'd see if it's come up here before and been discussed and perhaps answered. Thank you.


  • PixstelPixstel Member Posts: 40
    Zenfolio allows you to prepare a license - either one from Zen, or your own custom version - to associate with your downloads. The buyer has to agree to the terms of the license before they can purchase at the checkout stage.

    Just make sure the license covers your needs. I think it is a good idea to start with the standard Zen license and modify it to your specific needs. Do not make any assumptions - spell out exactly what the user can or cannot do with the image
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 224
    Take a look at this support guide as well. It will guide you through creating your own license if the pre-made Zenfolio licenses do not fit your needs.

    Take Care :smile:
  • Hey there, I also, would like to attach an Editorial only license to certain images. I'm not sure the choice of words or what exactly I should replace in an existing ZF provided license to convert it sufficiently to an editorial only license. @OP did you create one? from scratch or which one did you start with to modify into your own?. Any tips from anyone would be very helpful.
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