how can I design a calendar ready to sell and send the link to the client

as I have mentioned on the beginning of my time with Zenfolio there is zero and I mean zero marketing happening. The only marketing zenfolio is doing is asking you a million time to sign up for a even more price version.

Zero sales so far, talking about 6 month membership now.

So now, I want to design a calendar make everything ready and sell that product direct by placing the link in my email signature.

Looking forward to your tutorial.

Regards Kai


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    Sorry to hear that you have not had any sales through your site.

    Something I recommend would be to follow some of the tips listed in this page for how to market your site and drive more visitors to the site.

    In regards to selling your own calendar that you've designed, you can do that by selling the calendar as a Self-Fulfilled product.

    Here are all of the steps needed for how that would be done:

    First, create the Self-Fulfilled product that describes the calendar.
    Then create a new blank price list and add that Self-Fulfilled product to the price list.
    Then create a new gallery.
    Upload a photo to that gallery that represents that calendar.
    Then assign the new price list to that gallery.

    Click here for more info setting up a Self-Fulfilled product.

    Once you've done that, use the marketing tips in the previous link to market and make your clients aware of that gallery.
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