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Home page template ?

Scanning through the Homepage template options I am searching for something you may not have. I am looking for a homepage with a single large image as a slideshow with a series of thumbnails for each of the genre gallery pages (ex. Portraits, Real Estate, Weddings) each thumb is a selected image from my gallery It represents.
Did I miss this or am I looking for a template that is not available?


  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 514
    By templates, are you referring to the Presets? There is one preset that will allow you to set up your homepage in the way that you had in mind.

    That preset is the one called Ezra.

    After applying the preset, stay in Customize Website View.
    Then go to Options.
    In the Page Elements tab, scroll down and look for All Photographs. Set that to 'Show'.
    Then click Apply and Publish your changes.

    Then go back to your Dashboard and do some organizing in your All Photographs group.
    There, make sure to have galleries for Portraits, Real Estate, Weddings, etc in your All Photographs group. You can create new galleries if necessary or move existing galleries to this group.
    Then assign the desired cover thumbnail to those galleries.

    Lastly, hide any galleries and groups that you do not want to show on your homepage.
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