Move my domain? SEO question...

I've been with ZF for many many years. My current site URL is -

It didn't used to be this subdomain - but at one point I had the misguided idea to break out my commercial work as a separate entity on my main (old ZF) domain (which is a website of my own custom design) - - and move the family/event type of work to the subdomain.

Now I'm regretting it. It's too much work to constantly change/refresh images on a custom website - and the display IQ is often victim to the slideshow/gallery builder software. A subdomain is also harder for people/customers to understand and certainly doesn't "roll off the tongue".

So the question for SEO experts is - If I reset my ZF site to my main domain - will I trash all the years of being "found" under the subdomain and "lose my place" in searches? I'm not paying for ad services right now - but do get client calls directly from them finding us - so it seems as if we're gaining traffic as is. OTOH - I do think that search engines don't just "archive" URLS, but also stay on top of changes, move and grow. A little paid advertising/rating boost might also help them light up a bit for a URL relocation as well.

My question for web design experts is - If I move my ZF site to the main domain - can I put a redirect on the subdomain - or will the search engines get pissed off at me and drop out? I could alternatively leave a splash/landing page there - maybe...

Or I can just leave things as is - if it is too destructive at this point. Just not sure. Any input would be appreciated.

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