Drop down menu not working ON MOBILE

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Hi there, i'm afraid the drop-down menu on my website is absolutely unusable ON MOBILE (using the mobile version) !

Is it because it has too many sub-sections, i don't know...

The moment you put your finger on the menu item of your choice :
1 - the menu moves
2 - the site takes you to a totally different page than expected, corresponding mostly to a menu option located higher in the submenus list

Please try here :
(second menu option "Architecture et paysages" with a lot of subsections)

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  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 234
    Hey there :smile:

    I checked out your site on my iPhone and I am not seeing the same issue you are describing. Are you still experiencing trouble with it?

    What type of device are you viewing this on?
  • langlaislanglais Member Posts: 45
    Hi Allison, using a Samsung GT-S7560 running Android version 4.0.4
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 234
    Very odd! Please shoot a message to our support team here.

    They can attempt to reproduce this on an Android device and get it over to developers, if need be!

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