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So i am on the free trial. I have uploaded two photos to a test gallery. I was able to purchase one, then approved it. Then my mate purchased the other which was set to Auto-Approve. Both purchases were done over 5 hours ago roughly, and the "processing" status is still applied to those two jobs.

Is this a normal thing to happen, because i do not want to use this product if i have to deal with this clumsy behaviour?
Also why is there no "refund" mechanism? If this happens to a customer, and i can't refund them, it will not be good for me.

Also i have raised a ticket but have had no response, hence this post on the forums.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Cristian BallatiCristian Ballati Member Posts: 5
    The wheel on the photo just keeps spinning.
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  • Cristian BallatiCristian Ballati Member Posts: 5
    So my update is the issue just resolved itself. I have asked their tech support if it was because of them or by chance, or if this is normal behaviour and i still have no response.

    Is this a common issue with this product?
    Also is there a refund mechanism available?
  • ESL PhotographyESL Photography Member Posts: 26
    It pains me to suggest it but if they're not concerned about your problems on a free trial then I'd think about looking and trialling elsewhere before you open your wallet.

    The reason?

    Many of us are extremely disappointed with events that have gone on over the last year or so and lack of response from Zenfolio is one of them. If you criticise them they don't like it and refuse to answer.

    Some of us have been customers for many years and they're not answering our questions. And quite a number of us have looked at alternatives or will have done so by the time our renewal comes up.

    Does this sound like a good reference?

    Zenfolio was THE Market Leader 2-3 years ago. They've lost the plot in the last six to nine months and it's not comfortable for many of us paying customers - especially with the total lack of two way communication and obstinacy of trying to do anything about our concerns.
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