Auto backup of Zenfolio website

Hi, I think it would be very useful if Zenfolio offered a way to have an automatic backup of the website. For example, Wordpress offers
Is this a feature that may be added by Zenfolio going forward?


  • ChessZenChessZen Posts: 552Administrator
    Thank you for your feedback.

    I do want to note that Zenfolio does automatically store backups of your site and its contents so that your site and contents are safe in the event of any technical issues.

    However, there are no plans to add an option for the photographer to backup their site's settings to their computer (they can however, download their photos to store in their computer).

    If having that option is important to you, I recommend posting a request for it in our uservoice forum -

    That way, other Zenfolio users can vote on your idea and help bring your request to our developers' attention.
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