How can I search my photos by name?

I see no way at all to do it. I did find a page to do a general search of all of Zenfolio by name, but I want to search my photos by name.

Can I do it?


  • Of course I do see a way to search by file name, but it searches all of Zenfolio, rather than just my photos. Not helpful whatsoever.

  • Photo Captures by JefferyPhoto Captures by Jeffery Nashville TNMember Posts: 87
    I attempted to search your site via the search on your page but I was not able to locate any images. I am sure it is because I don't know the actual title of the images and also you may not have keywords created for your images. There is no way of searching for ones images on our dashboards but as I stated you and visitors can do searches on our images via the search on our pages.

    You are more than welcome to visit and play around with searching my site so you can see what can be done with creating unique titles, descriptions and keywords for your images.

    Hope this is of some help with your quest.

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    Jeffery Johnson
    Photo Captures by Jeffery
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