Where is the gallery title (simple question, please ZF people answer it)

Hi there,

Talking about marketing and SEO here at Zenfolio ? Really ?

What about this one : on a gallery page, i'm still looking for the title, and hopefully this title should be enclosed in H1 tags

Please someone tell me how to do that


  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Posts: 238Administrator
    edited March 2018
    You can enter the gallery title by visiting the gallery and choosing "Gallery Details" from the Toolbox column on the right. The space to enter the title is directly below the Gallery Details heading.

    This article will detail our SEO tips and tools.

    If you are curious and well-versed in coding, you can right click on any webpage and choose "Inspect." This will show you how the specific page is coded and you will see the various < head > and H1 tags that are written into the page.

    I hope this clarifies.

  • langlaislanglais Posts: 48Member
    Hi Alison, thank you for your answer although it doesn't clarify anything i'm afraid

    I know how to enter the gallery name and how to inspect source code, but i yet need so see a single gallery with its title displayed for my visitors (and the appropriate H1 tags that must go with it...)

    Are you sure it does exists ? Under which gallery page layout will i be able to view it ?
  • langlaislanglais Posts: 48Member
    So, anybody here at Zenfolio team / Zenfolio users ever seen a gallery title actually displayed, and enclosed in H1 tags ?
  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Posts: 238Administrator

    Can you please shoot our Support Team this message? They will be able to clarify with developers about this question.

    Take Care :smile:
  • langlaislanglais Posts: 48Member
    Hi Alison, are you serious ?

    Asking me to open a support ticket to find out wether or not Zenfolio pages can display the title of a photo gallery enclosed in H1 tags ?

    I've mentionned here and there that to me, ZF is extremely powerfull, but may be too complicated too, in the end

    This question is very straightforward, basic, obvious : anybody talking about SEO for decades will tell you that a page must have a title enclosed in H1 tags

    Zenfolio is made for photographers to exhibit their photos organized in galleries, so i'm not looking / asking for a weird thing...

    Your total lack of answer speaks for itself i'm afraid
  • langlaislanglais Posts: 48Member
    So, where's the H1 tag for galleries title ?

    I'm very patient, i can wait...
  • langlaislanglais Posts: 48Member
    so, any idea where Zenfolio is capable of displaying a H1 tag for a gallery title ?

    or do you have any other more clever advice for SEO...

    simple question guys, from a user !

    client using your system asks, you just answer to him since you deeply respect your customers, as simple as that...
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