Zenfolio Service Fee

Would Zenfolio be willing to review their service fees for UK-based self-fulfilling customers?
I already pay a hefty monthly subscription, but you're also charging a 7% service fee too. I appreciate Zenfolio have their costs too, but it seems entirely unfair that I'm paying 7% service fee, 3.4% PayPal fee plus the monthly subscription. Can we go back to scrapping the service fee for customers that do their own fulfilment and have to pay PayPal fees?
Is there a way we can vote on this? I do love zenfolio, but competition websites are offering far cheaper rates with the same features as the advanced plan. What's more, they're listening to their customers to make their sites better...


  • David BurgessDavid Burgess Member Posts: 2
    I have two accounts and I am REALLY pissed off - Feb 2019 and service fees are now 9.9% with subs at £190+vat And then scummy PayPal at about 3.5% My customers will walk
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