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Website on a go slow

No thumbnails, contsant circle of death, status says everything is fine......????


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 60
    Hi there!

    So sorry to hear of this behavior with your Zenfolio pages!

    If you would please send the support team an email at [email protected] with a screenshot showing the behavior you are encountering, they will be happy to help get to the bottom of this with you directly.

    Thank you so much for reporting the issue!
  • Motorsport in the UKMotorsport in the UK Member Posts: 39
    Going slow again.
    After three attempts to upload a batch I've given up for the night.
  • Mine is doing the same thing for the second time this year. The first time it lasted a few weeks and then suddenly worked fine again - I tried contacting Zenfolio and my ISP but neither worked out what the issue was.
  • MartWilliamsMartWilliams Member Posts: 12
    I'm uploading batches of less than 40 jpegs at 4000 pixels wide and they are taking hours to process. UK based. I have clients wanting these tomorrow and I'll have more to upload tomorrow and my clients will want to be able to download those. I hope Zenfolio isn't going to make me look unprofessional.
  • Same, this has been happening way too often. Files not rendering, I have to keep deleting and re-uploading, and if I'm LUCKY, they might eventually show up.
  • Catalin ZestranCatalin Zestran Member Posts: 3
    Same here ... Third week on a row
  • furiousfotogfuriousfotog North AlabamaMember Posts: 10
    Looks like the website is back to behaving badly.... UGH I have clients waiting on proofs and final images and now things are being delayed yet again.
  • Carter StudiosCarter Studios Member Posts: 1
    This is getting very annoying. The site is very slow and thumbnails take forever to load!!! Please get this fixed!!
  • furiousfotogfuriousfotog North AlabamaMember Posts: 10
    edited September 23
    This is absolutely ridiculous (unsure the image is displaying but 186MB is taking 3 hours to upload)
  • furiousfotogfuriousfotog North AlabamaMember Posts: 10
    And here we are after so many days of no thumbnails loading right back to ultra slow displaying of images. Considering recent rate increases, WTF is happening to this service provider?
  • DavidlllcM6M9PDavidlllcM6M9P Member Posts: 16
    Yet again loading images and captions is taking forever. This is an on going problem with Zenfolio and seems to happen on a very regular basis. When are they going to invest some of our hard earned money in improving the systems and specifically the hardware. These problems are playing merry hell with my business...
  • Andy Weigl PhotographyAndy Weigl Photography Member Posts: 15
    It's taking forever to render images both on my account view and public galleries. Why does this keep happening? I saw the "status" message - "monitoring". It's Sunday. I know there's going to be zero effort made today. Guess what, ZF? Photographers work weekends and need a platform to be working....
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