Wordpress Client Log In Plugin

I am not good at coding but this is what I was looking to do...

I want to add a customer login form on my website so a customer can
either choose an album from a dropdown or enter their name, then enter
the correlating password to access their photos on my zenfolio.  Is it

Has anyone given this a shot?


  • harimharim Member Posts: 971
    Although I'm currently playing around with the Zen-API I haven't had a look at this topic until now and therefore can not provide any working code snippet. From the API-description I can see that it is possible. Most info on accessing password protected groups, galleries and photos can be found at http://www.zenfolio.com/zf/help/?topic=api/guide/ac/accesscontrol. You should get a keyring from the server and use it for all subsequent requests. I think here the KeyringAddKeyPlain method shall be used (http://www.zenfolio.com/zf/help/?topic=api/ref/methods/keyringaddkeyplain.
  • scottwydenscottwyden Member Posts: 23
    Unfortunalty API coding is another language to me which means I'd be starting from the for dummies books :)
    I'm hoping someone writes a good plugin and shares it with the zenfolio world
  • jasonjonesjasonjones Member Posts: 104
    I just came across this and think this would be awesome. I was just tinkering with a half hearted workaround that would require users to make an unecesry step or two in the process  of getting to thier gallery, at least compared to other sites I have seen that obviously use a database that compares the password entered to the table of galleries and directs the user to a specific one based on the match. I am no PHP guru so this has been a stalemate with me. If someone has developed an api/plugin, I would be willing to purchase a copy from you to make this process seamless (although I dont use wordpress, just regular web site.)
  • scottwydenscottwyden Member Posts: 23
    Anyone have the time and ability to give it a try?
  • zioncgzioncg Member Posts: 1
    We had the need for this exact functionality, and created WP-Client Wordpress Client Portal Plugin
    Designed from the ground up to be easily used by either “techy” or “not so techy” Administrators
    One plugin install configures multiple areas of your WordPress installation and allows the site Administrator to easily create new Client Areas, Client Management Portals, Client File Upload Areas, Private Client Galleries or Private Staff Pages on the site by entering  just a few data fields and clicking submit. All the pages and permissions for that Client Area are automatically set, and the client automatically receives a fully configurable, pre-formatted email with their Client Area link and login information.  So powerful, it’s simple. 
  • mnuelreyesmnuelreyes Member Posts: 2
    Wordpress plugin which i am using is amazing and helps me in my business.Because of the following reasons
    1)One Off Payment,2)An Instant Plug & Play,3)Friendly &
  • mnuelreyesmnuelreyes Member Posts: 2
  • timd1230timd1230 Member Posts: 9
    I have created a plugin that may do what you want - pulls gallery image through and links to login 
  • muXer mediamuXer media Member Posts: 1
    Any Drupal modules out there?
  • JerryLyonsJerryLyons Member Posts: 1
    When it’s about login form, album form, dropdown list, etc. you can simply assimilate theme with the help of associated WordPress plugins. There are plenty of sources free & premium available on net those you can simply refer to download appropriate plugins and further integrate them with your website to avail added functionalities. Even you don’t have to be bothered about those complex programming or CSS codes.
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