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Hi, Is there a way to send a client a link for a direct download of the original files bypassing the shopping cart and purchase page?


  • ZenfolioMattZenfolioMatt Member Posts: 210
    Hi there!
    You can make your galleries downloadable without a purchase by changing the Photo Protection under the Toolbox sidebar (right side of the page). Just set to allow downloading and you can send the client a direct link to the gallery.
    Alternatively, you can set up a Client Access page, which allows only the clients to download.
  • dikadika Member Posts: 4
    Is there a possibility to send an URL to somebody to download the zipped archive of all images in a gallery that has been enabled for download?
  • ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
    There isn't a specific url available for a zipped file of an entire gallery.  However, when they go to download any photo in the gallery they will have the option to download All Available Originals, which would be a zip file.

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  • dikadika Member Posts: 4
    Thank you Brian!
    I've seen that, I just hoped to get I direct link which makes things easier for certain application.
    It' shouldn't be that hard to implement that, the functionality is there ..
  • Surf picsSurf pics Member Posts: 3
    I tried that a few times and the 1st time my client was allowed to download his entire gallery by buying one low res pic, it's unclear to me how to do it and Zenfolio is losing money on me because of it. I now tell them to communicate with me directly if they want a deal for the whole batch. One of many problems I have with this platform. (Lack of phone support is my main gripe)
  • ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
    If you only have Digital Products set up, and not allow downloading of originals or the saving of smaller images, they they will only be able to download the images that were included in the order.
    If you would like, please email with the name of a gallery that is affected, and we can take a close look at your settings.

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  • 2C Christian2C Christian Member Posts: 3
    I know this is an old thread - but it is an IMPORTANT thread.
    As a photographer you need to be able to Share photos instant without the need of organising a lot of individiual (client) albums. Every second counts when working with news, and you can´t mess it up.
    It should be an easy way to quickly mark pictures - and send a download link to your client/other when you need it. It is so many times my customer dont download, because they find it time-consuming when they need to do a lot of clicks.
    And for the photographer working in the field, sometimes on GPRS speed, it is frustrating working with heavy Zenfolio webpages.
    Please do things easy!
  • Fete PhotographyFete Photography Member Posts: 1
    Bump. Can this feature please be added? I want to send a URL link to clients that immediately downloads a zip file of an entire gallery, without having to explain "Click any picture to see it large, then select download above the photo, then "all available originals". That is so convoluted and with programs like Dropbox which make this process so easy, Zenfolio users who pay $250/year should definitely have this simple feature available. Thanks.
  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 608
    I will pass this along as a possible feature to implement in the future. Also, make sure you suggest/vote on this feature in our user voice forum if you haven't here.
  • My Web PageMy Web Page Member Posts: 1
    I would like a way to disable downloading of entire gallery. I think it could take up too much space on a customers hard drive if the gallery has hundreds of high resolution photos in it after it unzips.
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 513
    If the downloading of original images has been allowed for a gallery, the client is able to choose to download just individual images. The steps for this can vary based on the way the user has customized the page but in general, site visitor would be able to download individual images without downloading the entire gallery by navigating to a photo page, then using overlay menu to download the image. In the overlay menu, the option to download just the single image will be displayed.
  • SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 39
    How do I change the color of the "download single image" and "share heart shaped" button icon overlay when displayed on top of a large single photo? The default is gray and kinda hard to see and I cannot find where in my edit themes dashboard to change this.
    Thank you for any assistance :)
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 513
    Hi Siko!

    Are you referring to the Download icon and the hear shaped Favorites icon displayed in the Quick Shop page? Click here to see our guide on the Quick Shop page to help verify that we are looking at the same page.

    If this is the page in question, then unfortunately, it is not possible to control the colors of those icons through the theme.

    You can see all available customization options available for the Quick Shop in the link above.
  • SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 39
    Hi Chess :)
    Yes, those were the icons on the page in question, thanks for the link to the customization page link and for your fast response in answering my query.
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