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  • elwyncampbellelwyncampbell Member Posts: 2
    Hi Hector,
    I'm new to Zenfolio too, here's a link to my site:
  • hyperboreahyperborea Member Posts: 49
    Hello Elwyn!  I visited your site and must say that you have traveled quite a bit!  Nice photos.  What destination is next on your agenda?  Welcome aboard and keep snapping!
    Best regards,
  • elwyncampbellelwyncampbell Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Oscar!
    I'm off to Iceland over the summer, looking forward to adding some more photos to my collection.
  • zainzain MalaysiaMember Posts: 149
    Hi Lee your portraiture works are excellent. Love all the portraits and lighting. Will visit your website again :) 
    [quote user="Jason Byron Lee"]
    Well I've been using Zenfolio since 2009 and I am a third generation photographer and my family studio has been open since 1897. I use Zenfolio not only as an online sales tool but also as the back up to my image library. I've always loved the service and just wanted to share
  • zainzain MalaysiaMember Posts: 149
    Do take a look at my gallery here.  One of my most favourite subjects is architecture especially the classical ones.
  • midlandredmidlandred Member Posts: 4
    Hi all
    I'm another refugee from fotopic and am still building my ZF site - to date, I am very pleased with ZF
    Feedback much appreciated
  • hyperboreahyperborea Member Posts: 49
     Hi Cliff, I visited your site, nice work!  You obviously have a love for trains.  Take a look at the 4th paragraph that you wrote on your homepage, you may want to re-write it.  You jumbled some words around.  I found it strange that you have no guestbook entries considering that you have over 1,000 visitors to your site.  Perhaps you could add an "About Me" page so visitors can see you and learn a little about you.  Adding this could help to personalize your site more and maybe get some people to add some entries.  Otherwise, it looks like you've done a great job.
  • klovibondklovibond Member Posts: 2
     I've just completed my site.  It can be found at
    I'll visit other members  sites mentioned in this thread in due course
  • hyperboreahyperborea Member Posts: 49
    Hi Kev, welcome to ZF!  You have quite an impressive variety of wildlife photos.  Seeing as you are on the other side of the pond, there are some species of animals that are unique to where you are versus the USA.  It was nice to look at the wildlife that is different from what I am used to seeing here.  My favorite gallery by far is your waterfalls.  They are well composed but also are so much more sharper than your other galleries.  You obviously set these up carefully with a tripod.  All in all your site looks great!  Just keep going and keep building on what your are currently doing.  From reading your guestbook, it appears that you already have a dedicated fan club!  :-)
  • klovibondklovibond Member Posts: 2
     Thanks Oscar,
    You're quite right, the waterfall images were taken using a tripod.....but also, each one is composed of 3 to 5 exposure-bracketed shots merged to create the final photograph.  The same method was used for the Swansea Marina images in the landscapes/cityscapes gallery.
  • robinchunrobinchun Bristol, EnglandMember Posts: 163
     My own domain name now points to my website
  • gazfygazfy Hessen, GermanyMember Posts: 142
     My site is in my signature below. Some very nice sites listed here! [H]
    My website
    Looking to join/upgrade? Ref code for a discount 9AW-DR5-2JZ
  • Maurizio RiccioMaurizio Riccio Member Posts: 120
    Gary, I enjoyed viewing your "object series". And your "smoke art" is really neat...
  • gazfygazfy Hessen, GermanyMember Posts: 142
    Thank you very much for the kind words Maurizio. I've just had a very pleasurable look through your site and not only is the photography very good, the site itself is very well put together. Really like the way you have it and it's given me some ideas to improve on mine.
    My website
    Looking to join/upgrade? Ref code for a discount 9AW-DR5-2JZ
  • NatashaDuncanNatashaDuncan Member Posts: 21
    Hi Hector
    This is my husband's new site and it is still a work in progress. We wanted to keep the home page quite 'clean' but I think for SEO reasons I will add some featured galleries soon.
    Stephen Duncan Photography Home Page
  • Member Posts: 1
    I'm new to Zenfolio, and I'm also interested in seeing how other pages are set up. 
  • tbronaughtbronaugh Member Posts: 5
  • SharlotteHughesSharlotteHughes Member Posts: 10
    Hi!  My name is Sharlotte Hughes.
    I am new to Zenfolio.
    My Zenfolio Gallery / Website is here:  Sharlotte Hughes Photography
  • gmelandgmeland Member Posts: 1
     Hi Hector,
    Here is my site and Facebook fan page:
  • robinchunrobinchun Bristol, EnglandMember Posts: 163
     Hey Hector..mines at
  • VortacVortac Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone! [:)]I'm new to this forum but not on Zenfolio. I made up my website last February. Although I am new here, it does not mean that I have not read many of your excellent subjects!On my website, everything is written in French but do not worry, it's easy to navigate ...Enjoy your visit! [;)] www.vortacphotos.comVORTAC
  • RunnyCustardRunnyCustard Member Posts: 39
    sometimes I hate going around everyone's websites as the images are so good I feel mine are a little weak compared! 
    however I have set up a new landing page - I had a self hosted one before and now have switched to zenfolio's slideshow - like to know what people think and if they find my site easy to get around - still needs a few tweaks here and there. :-)
  • st3photographyst3photography Member Posts: 17
    Been here for a hew months, please stop by and let me know what you think. 

  • craftylioncraftylion Member Posts: 21
    I've done a bit of re-forcusing on my photography and have been here for a few months. Now, I concentrate on photo manipulation. Here's my gallery.
  • kathryndarcyphotokathryndarcyphoto Member Posts: 4
    Hi Hector!
    Great to see your (and everyone's) sites! I'm at 
    I'm just getting set up, and trying to learn as much as I can.
    :) -kate
  • photographe-nantesphotographe-nantes Member Posts: 1
    You can discover my new digital Portfolio :
    All comments are welcome !
    Kind regards 
  • jonnybreakbeatjonnybreakbeat Member Posts: 2
    I do my work under the name Canned Cumulus and you can find it at
    From the heart of New England to all corners of the Earth, HDR photography & photographic prints, canvases & more spring from the camera lens & creative imagination of Canned Cumulus.

    From vast landscapes to moments almost too small to capture, Canned Cumulus strives to capture and represent the scenes pictured as the mind remembers, vivid and full of vibrant detail.
  • kujakuja Member Posts: 37
    If you want to see my home, it's in my signature, as is my FB fanpage, can still use some likes ;-)
    My Zenfolio is a bit of a mess in my opinion, should spent some time reorganizing stuff I guess
  • SmithwickSmithwick Member Posts: 1
    Hello fellow photographers, hello Hector!
    Here's my attempt of a of a zenfolio gallery design and a few pictures of my last trip to Ireland.
  • 5004150041 Member Posts: 469
    Hi guys. Here's mine that was also featured in the the promotional booklet Creating a Photography Website that Works for You produced by Zenfolio:
    Comments and feedback always welcome.
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