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  • eyeshuttertothinkeyeshuttertothink Member Posts: 97
    Mine was also featured in the Zenfolio booklet & also on the example section of their website.  I'm over at:
    I have enjoyed visiting many of your websites :)  There is so much wonderful & unique talent out there!!
  • Hi,
    My name is Joshua Eller.
    Here is my Zenfolio Home page
  • gazfygazfy Hessen, GermanyMember Posts: 142
     Hi Josh, nice clean site you have there. Have you ever thought of using the font your watermark uses as your main page header 'logo' font too? I think it would balance up your homepage very well.
    My website
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  • mackllinvingermackllinvinger Member Posts: 18
    Hello my name is mackllinvinger..
    i am new member....
  • Eyes WantEyes Want Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,
    I've just created my portfolio and would love some comments from the community about the site and, of course, my photos. Don't hold back on criticism, as I'm always open to learning. And please share your sites too.

    Thanks in advance. Waye
  • taat2dtaat2d Member Posts: 24
    Just got here from SM. WOW I wish I made the move sooner!!! I absolutely LOVE the ease of customization here at Zenfolio!!! So here is where I'm at so far. Would love to hear what you think of it. CC welcomed and wanted.

  • darickfdarickf Member Posts: 3
     Hi Héctor,
    I've been using Zenfolio for almost 2 years.  Love it.  I'm in Colorado and I'm nuts about hiking and nature photography.  All of my work can be found here ...
  • ChmielPhotoChmielPhoto Member Posts: 2
    Im new to Zenfolio like the original poster. Here is my home page. Its a good start, i think, but Ill keep improving it over time. Thanks for looking!
  • hyperboreahyperborea Member Posts: 49
     Hi Chris Chimiel, great job with your site so far.  I did catch a typo on your homepage.  You wrote "geing there" instead of "being there."  Sometimes as the content of your site grows, so does your site menu.  Perhaps you may want to consider "nesting" your links to the Stock Photography sites so that they will take up less space and allow you to feature other menu items.  Keep up the great work!
    Oscar Dean
  • Here's my site:
    I love looking at everyone's sites and I'd love some feedback too.
  • stefaniastefania Member Posts: 1
     Hi there,
    Thanks for sharing. I really like your site. I am a beginner and I am confused with group, gallery, and collection. It looks like you figured that out very well. Do you have any advice for beginners on how to link everything together?
    Thanks much!  
  • robinchunrobinchun Bristol, EnglandMember Posts: 163
     Hi Leslie..Your images and site I like..but I find your watermark distracting, my eye goes straight to it on every image! (probably just me)
  • hfgerenahfgerena Member Posts: 7
     Hello Stefania;
    In my case, in order to have a well organize gallerie starts with the organizations of my photos in my computer. I have everything organized by folders, for example; Macro, B&W, Vacations, Landscapes,...etc. So I use the same method for my Galleries. At least this works for me.
    I hope this help.
  • LJLPhotosLJLPhotos United StatesMember Posts: 71
    Hello everyone! My homepage can be accessed below. I love all the great galleries I've seen on here thus far. If you like my work, please "like" my facebook fan page [:)]

  • timestoptimestop Member Posts: 74
    Pascal Sauvé
    Enjoy :)
  • eternalformseternalforms Member Posts: 67
    There's so much talent in this group!  I've enjoyed looking through everyone's pages. 
    I've been on Zen for a little over a year, but have just recently updated my landing page.  Would love to hear any feedback ... 
  • RDentonRDenton Member Posts: 1
    Hey Hector, 
    I like your shots. A link to my page is below: 

  • evangeerevangeer Member Posts: 15
    Here is mine. I used a custom background image:
  • Benjamin.vilinaBenjamin.vilina Member Posts: 2
    is mine, all of yours look great :)
  • kay2012kay2012 Member Posts: 9
    Just recently updated my portfolio...mine can be found here.
  • Martin_DMartin_D Member Posts: 126
    Here is mine :) 

    My Personnel Website -
  • Martin - I really enjoyed your site, it is very informative. I especially liked the books you've read and your 100 strangers gallery.
    Thanks for sharing!
  • dagraydagray Member Posts: 1
     Hi, I am David Gray.  I have been a hobbyist photographer for over 20 years and started with a Pentax Spotmatic 35mm body with the old screw mount lenses.
    I made the conversion to digital about three years ago and really enjoy getting out with my camera.

  • robinchunrobinchun Bristol, EnglandMember Posts: 163
    Hi Dave..Really like you pictures especially the landscapes and you site is non fusssy, minimal, I have mine very minimal..but the watermark is way too big imo and distracts the eye (just my point of view)
  • kay2012kay2012 Member Posts: 9
    Martin - your site is fantastic. I particularly like the strangers gallery, what type of lens did you use for portraits? 
  • LmarcLmarc Member Posts: 1
     Hi.  I'm Lew.  I, too, am new to Zenfolio, less than a week, in fact.  I've struggled for a long time to create a site from scratch but found it a daunting process.  Zenfolio has been a dream come true for me.  It was so easy to set up and get going! 
    For some time now my life has been divided between Arizona and Central America, soon to be Honduras permanently.  I have long had a desire to showcase that country in a way rarely seen by tourists and casual visitors.  I'm trying to show the good, bad and ugly/beautiful of the true "Catracho" in his native element, the unique beauty of the rain forest, the confusion of an old colonial Spanish city struggling to cope with the 21st century, the unique food and culture as well as the attempts to smile and be happy while enduring an austere life in the barrios.  I wish to make this a tribute to my late "suegros". 
    My site is so new I haven't even finished the bio, etc.  Some of the photos are merely place-holders posted until I find suitable replacements, so please bear with me.  I can see it will be a work-in-progress forever.  I'd like to find some sort of niche to all this ("Latino Culture" is pretty broad), but so far that has eluded me. 
    Please take a look.  Hope you enjoy.
  • djmorgandjmorgan Member Posts: 11
     I'm David, I started with Zen last Thursday have now about 16 galleries and 1K of photos, a 'stock' shooter but trying it alone now too! [:^)]
  • BLTBLT Member Posts: 20
     Hello Everyone,
    Our website is dedicated to Black and White photography from the 1940s- 1950s by photographer J. Thomas Hopkins.
    The photography is of the Cape Ann area (Gloucester, Rockport, Essex, Marblehead) of Massachusetts and of several trips he took across the United States.
    We have over 1,000 images yet to be developed and will be updating our website soon.
    Please visit and feel free to leave a comment here or on the website.
  • clevelandcleveland Member Posts: 3
    I'm eddie from the Catskill Mountains!
  • CmelyCmely Member Posts: 70
    [quote user="eternalforms"]
    There's so much talent in this group!  I've enjoyed looking through everyone's pages. 
    I've been on Zen for a little over a year, but have just recently updated my landing page.  Would love to hear any feedback ... 

    I've had a look at your website. Please receive my congratulations as it is a very neat, nice and professional looking one.
    You (and your wife) have done a great job on it.
    Bravo !


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