In your photography, what’s your favorite color?

ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
Everyone sees color differently, and each shot has its perfect balance. Back in the film world for example, Kodak leaned more towards reds and yellow whereas Fuji tended towards greens and blues. With classic prints, many people prefer a Van Dyke Brown over a Cyanotype, or vice-versa. In the digital age, there are many filters out there that can give the color effect of a specific film type. Editing programs like Photoshop also make it easy to do monochrome conversions or add a quick color cast. With everything in mind, which way on the color wheel do you lean? Or to put it simply, in your photography, what’s your favorite color? What tools do you use to fine tune your color?

In your photography, what’s your favorite color? 11 votes

9% 1 vote
9% 1 vote
18% 2 votes
0% 0 votes
0% 0 votes
Black and White
36% 4 votes
Somewhere in between
9% 1 vote
A combination of a few
18% 2 votes

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  • EvanChungPhotographyEvanChungPhotography San Francisco Bay AreaMember Posts: 18
    edited November 2013
    As a CA wedding photographer, I'm a fan of warmer color correcting. I've found VSCO film presets to be super helpful if I'm looking to emulate a kodak film or fuji film effect.
  • portraitistportraitist Member Posts: 31
    I am a grey scale lover. Traditional black and white is my preference most of the time.
  • aperature4aperature4 Member Posts: 19
    It definitely depends on the type of shoot. For portraits I tend to lean towards the warmer hues. For a lot of scenic photos I like to have a cooler tone to enhance the blues and greens. I use Lightroom for my color corrections but I am interested inlooking into some products like Alien Skin and Lightroom presets that emulate film.
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