Anyone out there using their Zen Blog page as their Homepage? Has it helped with SEO?

SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 51
Hello :)

I am re thinking my SEO strategy and was wondering if anyone is using their Zenfolio Blog as their landing / homepage (instead of the default "Built In" Homepage). Google needs text to find us and I think that it would make more sense to use the Blog's layout since more useful text may be displayed on a single page for robot indexing.

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  • SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 51
    Yes, I agree that the blog is without question the best tool for SEO. I see where I can set our blogs as our default landing page but I'm wondering if that would screw up the hierarchy of the existing site links and create a situation with a ton of broken links.
    What about embedding the blog RSS onto the default homepage instead? Can I do this in the "About" section?
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 529
    Using the blog as the homepage will not affect the URLs of any other pages in your site. All other pages will still be accessible with their existing URLs.

    The only page affected is the homepage. It will no longer be accessible when the External Homepage feature is used.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to embed the blog's RSS into the homepage or into the About section. For one, it is only possible to embed HTML code into the About section. RSS feeds use a different structure and will not be displayed properly when embedded into a field that uses HTML.

    Also there is only a limited amount of space available in the About message. It is likely not able to support all of the code required to display the blog.

    Also the blog is not designed to be displayed within another page. Trying to do so, even in something like an iframe, will cause issues with the readability of the site.
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