How to add Twitter cards?

Can this be done using Zenfolio? If so, how? Wordpress makes it easy to do..


  • spree33spree33 Member Posts: 4
    Digging a bit deeper, this involves adding meta tags to the head section of any page within the website. I tried adding the meta tag code beneath the Google and Bing site verifications in webmaster tools, but the Twitter Card Validator could not find a card. Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • PeterZenPeterZen Administrator Posts: 58
    Twitter cards are not currently supported, but it is definitely something to consider. Feel free to add your suggestion to our Feature Idea forum:
    Zenfolio Support

  • Is it possible to have twitter cards for your blog on Zenfolio? While editing the blog in HTML, could I not just add the meta content required for cards there?
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 513
    Unfortunately, if the Twitter requires that the code be added to the of the page, adding the code to the body of the blog will not allow the code to work.

    When editing the code of blog posts and custom pages, only the body of the page is editable. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add custom code to the head of the page.
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