Do you consider camera-phone pictures as art?

ZenBrianZenBrian Administrator Posts: 1,689
Cameras these days come in all shapes and sizes. Even a majority of cell phones have a camera with high megapixel claims, which many consumers equate to quality. Seeing as how people generally have their phone – and hence a camera – on them at all times, there are more pictures being taken now than ever before… for better or worse. As technology grows, so does our control over our seemingly simple and amateur equipment. Photographers are always finding creative ways to utilize every tool. When a tool like the camera-phone is shunned, it can often result in a defiant creativity to prove it’s capability. There’s no doubt that a phone can take pictures, but do you consider these pictures as art? What makes one photo more artistic than another? Does “intent” matter, or where do you draw the line?

Do you consider camera-phone pictures as art? 26 votes

No, phone snapshots are not art
15% 4 votes
Yes, anything can be art
46% 12 votes
Some of them are artistic, but definitely not all
38% 10 votes
0% 0 votes

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  • portraitistportraitist Member Posts: 31
    Phones can absolutely produce art! As in any other type of image-making, editing is key. Not every shot will be good, in fact likely very few. But there is always the potential no matter the size or format of a given camera.
  • gazfygazfy Hessen, GermanyMember Posts: 142
    Whether it's from a camera phone, top of the line dslr, an original film camera or even taken with one of those modern disposable camera's it doesn't matter. A great image is a great image. Irrespective of what it was taken with.
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  • WilgenixWilgenix Member Posts: 1
    For me it's an old adage but very true. 'Art' really is the subjective opinion of the beholder. By chance I wrote a blog about the same thing last summer. If you fancy a look anytime: 'That's Art Right?'

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  • People focus too much on the equipment being used. It takes more than the latest and greatest gadget to produce a good picture. It takes a keen eye and imagination to capture that perfect moment. The best camera is the one you have in your hand when that moment is upon you.
  • SylvainPhotoSylvainPhoto Member Posts: 76
    That is question is so incredibly wrong ! It does not make sens. I hope art will never been defined by a technique or tools, after thousand of years it never been, I do not see how it can change with cellphone. I do not see how you can "Draw lines" of art boundaries.
  • Sure, it can be art.
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