Selling my Instagram images

Is there a way to upload my Instagram feed to one of my Zenfolio account galleries so I can then share that link with my clients and they can send me orders (via the Zenfolio system).

Right now, I do a multi-step process and I would love to streamline things!


  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    Unfortunately, there's not a built-in way to do this, and I'm not aware of any third party tools that would do it either. Perhaps someone else knows of one, though.
  • DG OAKILL DG OAKILL Member Posts: 15
    how is this not possible a year later?
  • ChessZenChessZen Administrator Posts: 552
    Hey DG! Features are added based on the impact it would have on one users. At this time we are not receiving many requests from users that are requesting the ability to upload an instagram feed and allow ordering through the Zenfolio system.

    If this is important to you and you feel that this would be beneficial to many Zenfolio photographers, I recommend posting a request for this feature in our user voice forum.

    That way, other Zenfolio users can vote on your, and One Sock's idea, and help bring your request to our developers' attention.
  • DG OAKILL DG OAKILL Member Posts: 15
    I will do that. However, I find it hard to believe in 2016 that a photographer is NOT using instagram. Also, while it's great that you are listening to what the users want, Zen should also be looking forward and doing things before the users ask. It's not like instagram came out yesterday and there is roughly 20+ threads in the forum about this topic going back at least a year.
  • RDP3 PhotographyRDP3 Photography Member Posts: 1
    One way I've accomplished this is by enabling the option on Instagram that saves a copy of your photo. Those wind up in my Instagram gallery on my phone (I'm on a Galaxy S7 edge) which I can then upload through the Zenfolio app. Please note that when you use this method Instagram turns your photo into 72dpi so you might want to limit the sizes people are able to order. make any sense?
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