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I've just started creating a site and monitoring its presence on Google; I've noticed that Google Search Console shows me that it has indexed keywords from the "/blog" summary page (which only includes a couple of lines from the actual blog entries) but not other keywords from the individual blog entries themselves (such as "/blog/2016/8/xxxxx").

This pattern is confirmed by doing a simple Google search on words which only appear within such individual pages, that is, in the form "xxxx". This returns a "did not match any document", whereas, by contrast, keywords from the same entries which happen to appear on the summary blog page do return appropriate results.

I've confirmed that the individual blog pages are listed in the sitemap.xml and, of course, they are linked correctly within the site. It may be that I am just impatient and the Google index will update in due course - I still don't really know whether Google takes hours, days or weeks to update its index for small sites like mine.

Given that blog entries are likely to form a large part of the text content of the site, can anyone confirm that all blog entries do indeed get indexed in full without any specific action on my part?

Thanks for any reassurance!

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  • Wilson SWilson S Posts: 21
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    After writing a blog post, consider going to Google Webmaster Tools and then use the "Fetch" tool. This gets your blog entry into Google faster (assuming that it meets Google's standards).


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