Are the Title and Keywords of a photograph updated when replacing the photograph in a gallery?

I shoot sports photos and put the athlete's name in the file name, title and keywords of a photograph. I have found out that a roster had a misspelled name on it. I am going back and changing the file name, title and keywords of each effected photo.

When I go to the gallery and replace the photograph with the new file it works, and in the photo information area it reflects the new file name that was uploaded. However the Title and Keywords remain with the same, misspelled name. I then go into the photo details section to edit those things manually.

Is this supposed to be happening automatically and I'm not giving it enough time to finish or is this the way it was intended to work?

If this is the way it was intended to work I'd like to request that the Title and Keywords, as well as other information that is extracted from the file during the original upload, be updated during a reload operation. Maybe there is a reason not to but I'm not sure what it would be.

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