Stop price list from automatically appearing when viewing an image

Is there a way to stop the price list from automatically appearing as default when viewing an image?
I want people to view the images and if they want to buy one they can then click the buy button at which point the side bar will pop out with the prices.
I don't want to ram selling down their throats as I think this will work negatively.
When viewing I can minimise the side bar so that just the Buy button appears so surely there must be a setting somewhere to do this as default?

Thanks in advance

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  • AllisonZenAllisonZen Administrator Posts: 208
    Hey Darren!

    You can definitely hide the "quick shop" so it does not appear automatically. Your clients will have to choose "buy" to expand the quick shop view.

    From your Dashboard, navigate to ANY gallery
    Hover over PREVIEW > click Customize.
    On the very top left hand corner, click on "Gallery Thumbnails" (or depending on your layout, it may say "Gallery Photos")
    Select the drop down menu item "Gallery Quick Shop"
    Choose OPTIONS at the top
    Deselect "Use Default Settings For Layout, Theme, and Options" if necessary
    Sidebar : HIDE!

    Then, choose "SAVE AS DEFAULT" (in orange) to make this your default setting for all of your galleries.

    I hope this helps :smile:

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