My Images Look Like Crap!

Can anyone help me? Why do so many of my image files look so soft and horrible? I shoot in raw then crop and reduce the file sizes in Photoshop. I even deliberately upload in 300dpi sometimes hoping that will help and it doesn't. Also, they look WAY too big for the home page. I just feel like my page looks so unprofessional because of it. What dimensions/file sizes do others use? The dimensions I'm using must be too large?
Thank you kindly for any suggestions.


  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesPosts: 1,463Member
    Robin - Could you clarify a few things. You shoot RAW and then process as JPEG's??? What color space are you using?? Crop ratio?? Crop file size dimensions in pixels??? Are you sharpening the images??

    There are a host of reasons so you just need to provide a bit more details. IMO... your images look flat (lack contrast and saturation). Flat images also can appear soft and/or lack clarity.
  • ChessZenChessZen Posts: 552Administrator
    Also in regards to your homepage, the layout applied to your homepage works best with horizontally oriented images. Portrait and vertically oriented images require heavy cropping to fill the browser window and are not recommended.

    So to avoid having images that 'look too big' for the homepage, change the images selected for the homepage to horizontally oriented images or switch to a classic layout.
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