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Settings for Baptisim

I have been asked to shoot an in church Baptism and concerned about lighting and settings. I shoot manual with a Nikon D7000. Will not be using flash or tripod. Suggestions Please!!


  • John Watson Photography LSWPPJohn Watson Photography LSWPP Southampton, UKMember Posts: 111
    Personal I would shoot with the highest ISO you feel happy with, which for me would be 3200 but your nikon may be happy at higher levels? lightroom get rid of the noise at this setting very easy. nice wide aperture to allow in light and allow shallow DOF, again for me that would be F2.8, but you may have a prime that will go lower.

    hope this was what you were looking for ?
  • Perry LentinePerry Lentine Member Posts: 158
    Crank up your ISO and make sure your shutter speed is fast enough to avoid motion blur.

    Perry Lentine Photography
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  • Stroodle88Stroodle88 White Salmon, WAMember Posts: 90
    Agreed with both gentlemen above. In my experience with churches, having enough light is the main photographer problem. I'd recommend shooting with only prime lenses if you have it because even with a zoom lens with maximum aperture of f/2.8, I've found that even that has not been wide enough to retain a shutter speed I was comfortable shooting with to minimize/remove motion blur (unless motion blur is something you're artistically striving for). If you don't own a prime lens (I like the 85mm focal length myself for shooting weddings/low-light events) I'd recommend renting one and practicing with it a little prior to the baptism event you're photographing.
    Bertrand Hui
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  • sarahashleyphotossarahashleyphotos Member Posts: 208
    I photographed a baptism recently. Some churches will even limit how much you can move around if at all so be sure to talk to someone in charge at the church. Like everyone else has said rent a low light lens (at least f/ 2.8). I used my 50mm f/1.4 at 2.8 with a iso of 800 (make sure your camera can handle high iso shooting or you will have a bit of work to do in photoshop). I agree with Stroodle88. Make sure to keep shutter speed fast enough and practice in low light before the event. If the images must be a little dark because of your limitations shoot in RAW so that you can batch lighten them later.
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