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Large school photography shoot - need a bit of advice

Hi there
I am using an event and mocking up galleries with images in it to show a school in the hope I can win their business. I just need to show them that backend I can cope with it all and for those who know it am using the id and passcode generation thing. How does this work with the school in the beginning - do you get a list of all the names and emails of the parents per class and shoot in the order of who is on the list so that when you import the participants list and generate the unique ids the parents can view the photo of their child - I want to make sure they get the right id/link for their child and don't end up seeing someone else's, etc.

Thanks for any help you can give me!


  • James Stevens PhotographyJames Stevens Photography TexasMember Posts: 6
    I shoot for a school fine arts program and have never used individual id/passwords. Since many of the shots are large groups of kids, they see other kids all the time. The parents just find the shots with their own kids in them and order what they want. Trying to make individual id/password-protected subgroups would take forever for me. The director of the program has each student and parent sign a permission form for photography when they enter the program. They understand that they will be photographed all year. Have not had any problems, so far.
  • oh thanks James. This is unfortunately coming from the school - I know its a huge ask...
  • Its group and individual shots.
  • Hi Andaleeb, The school doesn't give out email addresses. Which lab are you using and is online your only way you plan to proof?
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