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Scheduling Software

Looking for suggestions for scheduling software that isn't too expensive. Currently using bookeo, love it but needs some improvement.


  • I just registered with ubooq -- how do you link it to the zen account though?
  • darijanmdarijanm Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2014
    I've been using www.nimbleschedule.com as an employee scheduling and time&attendance software. It's very reliable and most of all not expensive. They offer different prices depending on number of employees you have.
  • @Tom - Bookeo has an integration that allows you to embed html. So i made a custom page and embeded the code. Unfortunately that's the only link. All payments for the session go through bookeo.
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,463
    @Lori - Integrated scheduling into the Zenfolio site was added to the Feature Voting System back in April of 2012. It currently has over 1500 votes so I have to believe that this is being carefully considered by the Zen Development team.


    Truth is, it's really not as complicated as some would think to create this feature as many small service businesses use this. Everyone from plumbers, heating and cooling contractors, technical service and support, condo rentals, and so on .....use very simple scheduling features on their web sites. Where it gets complicated is if you want it sync up or integrate with local applications on your computer.

    I'm not sure how willing I am to publically display my schedule particularly during slow periods. I would also have reservations about displaying the name of my clients on dates that I was booked. What would be of greater interest to me is the ability to create custom forms or questionnaire's that a client could complete and then forward to me through my web site. From there, I could create a custom quote on-line for them to accept and then convert to an invoice and make payments from using a major credit card.

    Regardless on my personal thoughts, your need for an integrated scheduling solution with Zenfolio seems to have a lot of traction with many other Zen photographers. Maybe ZenBrian can look into this to give us some feedback on where their development team lands on this topic.
  • @kevinkrows‌ I hope this feature request comes to fruition soon. I understand your hesitation with displaying client names and schedule but names of other clients is blocked to potential clients. It just shows times that are available, and this is completely customized by you. During booking, you can come a questionnaire come up and have them fill out before completely their booking. You then also have the option to approve or deny the booking or move it to another date. I really like all the options that bookeo gives for customization, just wished everything was tied into zenfolio. Business premium would be great with scheduling software and invoicing capabilities.
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,463
    Understand and agree. I most certainly support all efforts to bring the marketing tools we all need to manage and grow our businesses. Even though this feature isn't something I would use in my business I certainly understand how important it is to those that focus on portraits and weddings.

    Zen doesn't really need to reinvent the wheel on this. They could certainly form partnerships with other development companies that specialize in this feature for service businesses. Either way, I hope it's a priority for Zen decision makers.
  • Clemente321Clemente321 Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2015
    I am using www.bookerlooker.com. It is only from 6 $. Online reservations, sms, e-mail remainders. Staff and clients management. Fast support.
  • nihantanunihantanu Member Posts: 1
    I personally use canUmeet, Because it's Free. It’s very simple to use and good part is It’s completely free!. It has in-app CRM and Chat Messenger which I used to communicate with my client in case of any doubt. It has also integration with slack, Google Cal, Paypal , Stripes, Google Contacts and Mailchimp all are free integration. No hidden cost.
    canUmeet Dashboard -source canUmeet


    Setting your availability -source canUmeet

    Your Schedule Public page -source canUmeet


    Schedule Page: From where my clients schedule meetings based on there preferable time and timezone.
    -source canUmeet

  • alex6594alex6594 Member Posts: 1
    You should definitely try this one Commit Works
  • KazzaKazza Member Posts: 19
    darijanm said:

    I've been using www.nimbleschedule.com as an employee scheduling and time&attendance software. It's very reliable and most of all not expensive. They offer different prices depending on number of employees you have.

    A friend was telling me that i should check this out. Are you satisfied with it?
  • SourodipSourodip Member Posts: 1
    If you manage a company that depends upon client appointments you know how essential it is to plan a calendar. The global online scheduling platform is expected to grow. An appointment scheduling app helps to micro-manage your business easily.
  • Chris PatelChris Patel Member Posts: 1
    edited August 12
    Hi, DeskFlex software presents a full package of Scheduling Software, Reservation options including desk and Room scheduling, shared workspaces, parking management and equipment reservations. For further Information Visit our website
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