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How to enable download of original video files in a gallery?

I've figured out how to enable downloading of the low-bitrate converted videos displayed in Zenfolio galleries. In addition, I want to selectively enable download of the original uploaded video file. I've set Downloading: Allowed in the Gallery Access Toolbox. What else needs to be done? Please be precise, ZenFolio's maze of options is often confusing.


  • The download options displayed in Access Control only pertain to images. They do not control whether or not videos are downloadable.

    To allow the downloading of videos, you'll need to check the box that allows for downloading videos in Options (found in Customize Visitor View).
  • BrianCBrianC Member Posts: 1
    Sorry, but I read everything you had on the subject of enabling videos to be downloaded by customers and it still took me an hour to find that stupid checkbox. I doubt that I could even find it again the next time. We're starting to do more revenue from videos than photos and this usability issue seems to have been known for years according to your forum. Perhaps you just don't want people delivering videos using Zenfolio? This is a deal breaker for us... Again, sorry.
  • I set up a private gallery for a client to download original photos. She was able to do this and import them into a report, but when she prints the document, my photos don't appear. I did not notice a setting that prevents printing. Am I missing something?
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