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What is happening with SEO?

SkidsSkids Member Posts: 183
SEO seems to be a problem on Zenfolio lately.
I always add keywords and ensure I fill in as many of the SEO specified fields as possible yet my images are rarely showing up on Google these days and when they do its only thumbnails.
A couple of years ago I would see my images in google pretty soon after posting a gallery but these days there is barely anything, can somebody explain what is going on because this is seriously making me think twice about renewing the next time my subscription is due.
Thanks in advance


  • SkidsSkids Member Posts: 183
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,463
    Skids --- And in two years (a couple of years) the growth of internet content, including photographs, has increased 10-20 fold creating greater challenges on Google engines. Not sure this has much to do with Zenfolio so you might want to research blogs on Google/SEO to help you better understand why your images are not immediately showing up on Google.
  • John Watson Photography LSWPPJohn Watson Photography LSWPP Southampton, UKMember Posts: 111
    as well as the 10-20 fold growth that kevin talk about, the other thing to remember is google has changed its algorithm in the last few years, so what work for you them may not work now. try rethinking your seo strategy
  • SkidsSkids Member Posts: 183
    Thanks for the response John.
    But I complete the SEO fields, if algorithms have changed then Zenfolio need to change their site to keep up to date.
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,463
    I believe they are up-to-date. Again, John's advice is the best .... Rethink your SEO Strategy.
  • SkidsSkids Member Posts: 183
    No offence but Zenfolio clearly marks the fields that should be filled in with a green SEO mark so why do I need to rethink my SEO strategy? Zenfolio needs to rethink their SEO suggestions.
    The nature of Zenfolio limits me to what I can do with SEO so I am relying on their suggestions.
    I would be interested to hear from somebody from Zenfolio about this
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,463
    Here's an article that may give you a few ideas. It also has links to other sites that are good as well.

    Skids, I've never viewed SEO as the "end all ...be all" solution when it comes to marketing my business. I know it's important but frankly SEO has never done business with me. People have. I take a hard look at my target markets and constantly ask the question, "How can they easily find my site?". The next question is, "What can I do to cause them to frequently visit my site? And then finally, "How can I convert them from an unknown visitor to a known prospect capturing their name and email address." Once I covert them, direct email communications is my primary marketing vehicle.

    When it comes to rethinking your SEO strategy, you certainly are wise to understand the penalties you can now run into with search engines. The article does identify some of them and makes suggestions on how to improve on them. The bigger issue, however, is that you understand that SEO is just one of many ways to drive potential customers to your site. Rather than focus on the quantity of the traffic to your site .... think about the quality of the traffic. That alone will help improve your ranking as these are the folks with the greatest interest in what you do. I do know that increasing repeat visitors will improve your ranking.

    While tagging and adding meta data was all you needed to get a good ranking a few years ago, all of the major search engines have refined their metrics to include things that will improve the speed and quality of the searches. In short, they are all trying to "qualify" the searches rather than "quantify" them. Doing so increases their value which advertisers are will to pay more for.

    I'm far from being an SEO expert and would also like to hear more from support on the topic. However, as I said before, I think they are up-to-date on SEO so I'm not sure what more they can do. I did find it interesting from the article that one of the biggest metric being used now in rankings is how fast your site initially loads. This metric has always been there but is now one of the most important metrics used by search engines. This is just another reason why the development team needs to look at ways to "trim the fat" and incorporate a simpler and more streamline approach to how our clients use our sites. Having a fully functional Ecommerce Mobile solution that works and is even more streamlined will also help their cause.

    Right or Wrong .... these are my thoughts and observations as it relates to the topic of "rethinking SEO".

    Best of luck to you.
  • SkidsSkids Member Posts: 183
    Thanks Kevinkrows for taking the time to give such a detailed response it does make interesting reading.
    I am just confused that, a few years back, a search on relevant keywords would make my site or images appear within the first 3 pages of a google search or google image search and reguarly on the first page but now they rarely appear at all although I am not doing anything different on Zenfolio, in fact I am trying to add more relevant keywords etc
  • Thanks Kevinkrows for the link. Man, I have to say that Photoshop is easier than this SEO stuff lol.
  • webboy634webboy634 Member Posts: 2
    I would offer that one of the possible problems is that Zenfolio doesn't build a complete sitemap. Check out the sitemap for your domain (ex: www.example.com/sitemap.xml) and you'll notice that it's a fraction of what it should be.

    Zenfolio seems to only include the top level of the navigation instead of the complete site structure. If you have a gallery on your site called "wedding" and then you have 500 pictures in that gallery, each of those 500 pictures is a URL (ex: www.example.com/wedding/adiiewerdd23) with meta data and keywords yet the sitemap will only include the wedding URL.

    Because of this problem, I signed up with a website called https://pro-sitemaps.com. I added that sitemap in my Google webmaster account and now it pushes the info to Google on a regular basis.

    A good way to monitor your progress is to search for your site in the google search using site:. (ex: site:example.com). That will show you how much of your site is in the google index but be sure you are NOT signed into your Google/Gmail account when you do it.
  • SEO is my greatest challenge at the moment. Lots of study and time going into it!
  • Wilson SWilson S Member Posts: 21
    This is a really good start in understanding SEO. MOZ is one of the respected SEO authorities.

  • chirag guptachirag gupta Member Posts: 3
    it's a very good start to seo your webiste with yoast seo plugin on wordpress

    How To Setting Up Yoast SEO Plugin For WordPress and Basic Seo Tips For Blog Content
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