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Photos don't wrap around text?

I have been trying to write blogs regularly, but have kindof given up lately due to the photos I'm putting in not wrapping around the text like they used to. When I set the options of either "inline with text" or "fixed alignment" I end up with massive gaps between my text and the photos. And then I can't get them to move to where I want to put them. It's very annoying. Does anyone else have the same problem? I've tried using both Chrome and IE but neither will do it. Is there anything that can be done?


  • The best way to display text around images (and in general, control the placement of elements in the custom page) is by using tables. With tables, you can display text all around an image. Click here for more info.
  • I can't figure this out either. Been trying to do this for hours. I understand the tables concept, and can place a picture and text into a table, but I can't get it to look right. I need help
  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 79
    Hi Les!

    Text wrapping around images directly can be difficult to deal with. That is why it is recommend to use tables to organize your text and images in a much more controllable way. Please see this article on using tables.

    Looking at your site, I see all the custom pages have text only. The Zenfolio support team would be happy to help with a specific page that is giving you trouble. Please add images so that you have a specific issue they can help solve, then contact them with your question here.
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