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Sharing favourites list with friends. Access to the whole gallery?

I just realize that sharing favorites list with family and friends gives an access to the entire gallery. After you click the X button in the right corner of the page it takes you straight in to the full gallery. Some of my clients are asking me if they can share only a few pictures with friends, but it seems that sharing a favorites list it's not what they looking for.
I thought this is a main idea of creating favorites for friends? What's a point to share it if they can see entire gallery anyway.
Is any one here has a similar experience ?



  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    Favorites aren't designed to limit access to the gallery itself, but instead, to provide a selection of a visitor's favorite images for the gallery that can be shared with others.

    In order to share specific images, if you have your galleries setup to allow the display size images to be downloaded, the client could download and share individual images.

    You can see this article for more on setting this up.

    If you just want your client to be able to share one image without others having access to the entire gallery, you could give them the direct link to the image. You can get this by selecting the image to share in your Edit View > Sharing and Client Access > Direct Link to Images and choose the size. Please keep in mind this will allow access to the display image (NOT original photo/full size, though), so the client can download or right-click save. You'll need to do this for each image, though.
  • Hamish JordanHamish Jordan Member Posts: 1
    I can't believe favourites lists can't form new selected galleries by the clients, I thought this was the main reason for favourites?? It's just a very clunky, old design bacause it menas I now have to create loads of extra galleries myself for the clients so they can show their chosen images to their friends and family, I think it's time to move to Pic-time....
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