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Lightroom Plugin

I downloaded the lightroom plugin from jf Zenfolio (thanks very much) but I really want to upload a smart gallery. This plugin doesn't allow it "due to a bug in Lightroom". I'm very much doubting there is a bug. I use amazon's, flickr, and smugmug plugins to upload smart galleries. This has been 2 years now. I'm about to quit zenfolio due to this. Does anyone have an issue?


  • Have you already contacted Jeffrey Friedl about this? If anyone has more information about this it would definitely be the plug in manufacturer.
  • jmenardjmenard Member Posts: 1
    I use the jfriedl plugin to upload to smart galleries all the time. You have to create the smart gallery in Publishing Manager under Zenfolio:Tools. You can't right click and add it like a regular gallery. Once you've created it as a smart gallery (make sure to check the box to add it to the publish service), you can save the publish service. It should then show up under the publish service where you can right click it and choose edit smart gallery From there you can change it's associated rules.
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