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LIghtroom Plugin

Why isn't this automatically included with my account? Why is this a separate fee after the fact? It's 2016, this should go without saying that there should be a Zenfolio official plugin for lightroom, phase one, capture one, etc. I've had to make several payments over the years for the same plugin. It's an unnecessary hassle that shouldn't be an issue.


  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,463
    You make a good point as many other hosting services have these types of plug-ins available without additional cost.

    I recently wrote a thread that compared the Pro and Advanced Plans and the way Zenfolio holds many ecommerce features hostage that benefit everyone Clients, Photographer, Zenfolio, and their lab partners through increased sales. The Advanced Plan is clearly designed for larger photography companies with multiple photographers and post production staff. Having the need for multiple accounts is the only way to justify the additional costs.

    Read my post here: http://forums.zenfolio.com/discussion/16195/pro-vs-advanced-plans-really-zenfolio#latest

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