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360 view on zenfolio

hey, anybody nows if there is a way to show my 360 degree sphericals on zenfolio?


  • StephenZenStephenZen Administrator Posts: 609
    Unfortunately, we don't currently have a way to display this type of content built-in to the functionality of Zenfolio.

    However, if the content is hosted elsewhere in a format presentable online you could probably embed them on your Zenfolio site.

    Some areas that do allow you to embed your own code are Custom Pages and blog pages.

    Do keep in mind that although Custom Pages and blogs allow the adding of code and embedding of external content, we do not support any coding issues and cannot troubleshoot any third party content or code.

    As far as the format, you can use CSS, HTML, Javascript, and iframe. PHP is not supported.

    Please see this link for more information on embedding content.
  • SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 54
    Yes, I can verify that one can embed 360 content into Zen custom pages & blog posts. Here is an example of Photosynth 360 content embedded into one of my blog posts..
  • Chen DamariChen Damari Member Posts: 3
    Well, more then 2 years have past.
    Is there any way to show 360 sphere photo on Zenfolio ?
    Thanks !
  • calinitcalinit Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2018
    If you don't put some kind of marker down where the product is when taking the first photo, you will slowly but surely move the product. Because you're turning and placing the product wherever it was the last time you took a photo, if you move it a little bit each time it ends up at a completely different spot. This actually happened in your tutorial, the last photo has the statue a lot closer to the camera

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