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Showing up in a Google search

R.C. ImagingR.C. Imaging Member Posts: 10
It's been months now and I can't get my homepage to show up in a google search. Not even by typing the business name in a google search. I do get some pages like my blog and a few others to show up 10 or or pages down, but not my home page. In the Google search Console things just don't look right. Seems like Google isn't picking up any of my key words from my homepage.

I have an old site with a different address that I created not using Zenfolio and that one shows up on page one in some searches. I'm really at a loss here, any help would be great.
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  • If a different page from your homepage is being displayed in search results , it means that Google has deemed that that particular page is a better result to show than your homepage.

    Search engines rank pages on a page by page basis. This means that If they deem a specific page on a site to have a higher rank than the home page, they will display that page higher in search results.

    They base that on the page's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So if you would like your homepage to appear higher up in search results over other pages in your site, you'll need to increase the SEO of your homepage.

    The main ways to increase the SEO of your homepage would be by displaying more relevant text in the page by displaying the text in your Welcome Message or About Message and displaying those on your home page. It also help greatly to display links in the homepage that link to other relevant websites while also asking other relevant sites to link directly to your homepage.

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  • R.C. ImagingR.C. Imaging Member Posts: 10
    Hi ChessZen,

    Thanks for the reply.

    It's not picking any one page, seems like almost every page except my homepage shows up in a search.

    I mention everything I do in my welcome message. I also have an old site with the same welcome message on the home page that still shows up higher than my Zenfolio pages. I just changed my welcome message but I really think I'm just not doing something else right.

    Thanks again.

  • SkidsSkids Member Posts: 183
    Zenfolio SEO is still the worst I have seen! On the rare occasion that my images appear in an image search it is linking to a tiny thumbnail rather than the full image or gallery page.
    Zenfolio just keep blaming everything but themselves and are not taking any responsibility over improving it.
    Also the link give access to a picture that anyone can save. Zenfolio should not be allowing hidden links to images.
    Here is an example - http://www.darrenskidmorephotography.com/img/s/v-3/p1736280455-3.jpg

    Zenfolio you need to explain this and fix it!!
  • I agree that Zenfolio's SEO is poor. I have just been advised that there is no H1 or H2 tag on any pages, these tags I am advised are very important to Google SEO and they are not there. Does Zenfolio care about our SEO. I would like to know what they are doing to keep our pages up with the latest developments in Google SEO
  • I'm thinking of leaving Zenfolio as my website and photos hardly ever come up in google search. Other websites where I have my work, I get hits on my images in the thousands, on here its like, I might get 40-50 a month if lucky.
  • SkidsSkids Member Posts: 183
    Why are Zenfolio not providing solutions to this? They keep saying that you have to get SEO right but their SEO does not help matters.
  • SkidsSkids Member Posts: 183
    Zenfolio admins, care to comment on this?
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